Smart power distribution module

It makes fitting aftermarket accessories a doddle, just connect the 2 ring terminals to your battery. The ThunderBox automatically detects when your engine is running/charging and switches power on to your accessories then switches off when the engine is stopped.

Connecting accessories to ThunderBox is even easier with piano key-style locking connectors, just lift the orange tab, insert the wire from your accessory & press it back down, and that’s it!

The optional extra USB port is available (part no.: TB-USB1, output: 5V/2A).
You may connect multiple USB chargers to one TB unit.

Wide compatibility

Compatible with ALL vehicles using a 12V battery system (all battery types and capacities are supported), including all motorcycles, cars, ATVs/UTVs, kit cars and even lawnmower trucks.

How it works

The TB constantly monitors the battery voltage, engine state (running/off) and the outputs, then switches the loads on/off automatically. The TB isolates/disables the power supply to the accessories until the engine is started and running smoothly, ensuring 100% battery power is always available for starting. This is a fully automated process, resulting in trouble-free starts and enhanced battery life.

New, extended power cable version!

Now all TBs come with a 20cm longer battery connection cables (50cm instead of 30cm). Recent adventure bikes like the new Honda Africa Twin require extra cable length to enable the unit to be mounted under the seat. This is a special version exclusively for the UK market.