Secondary throttle valve eliminator

Due to emission and noise control regulations, secondary throttle valves appeared in motorcycles in the last decade. This secondary butterfly is controlled by the bike’s ECU. For maximum performance and crisp throttle response, this secondary system is removed – mainly in drag racing/road racing. However, as soon as you disconnect the secondary throttle valve actuator motor from the bike’s main wiring harness, the FI light will come on on the instrument panel, as the ECU detects the problem with the actuator. The STV Eliminator plugs into the main wiring directly, acting as if it would be the actuator. With the help of this small unit, you’re able to remove the whole secondary valve assembly with the actuator motor, the butterfly valve plates and the rod/shaft itself. Get the job done properly with this easy fix!

Quick and simple to use

Just disconnect the actuator motor from the main wiring harness. Plug in the STV Eliminator and the unit will act as the actuator motor would still be in place. No splicing or soldering is required and the bike’s wiring harness remains intact. It can’t get any easier than this!

Lower-cost alternative

If the actuator motor fails (a frequent issue on some bike models) it is much cheaper to replace it with the STVE than to get a new motor.

Light and small

The STVE module is about the same size as the actuator motor it replaces.

Built to last

Rugged design, encased in epoxy resin.
Only high-quality SMD components are used.
Each unit is extensively tested prior to shipping.
Oil and water-resistant (IP68).

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