Professional frame and chassis check-up tool

No matter whether it’s a road or track bike, perfect chassis alignment and intact geometry are a must.
Rapid Laser is your professional check-up tool, which will shed light on improper bike set-up and hidden frame and chassis damage/deviation.
One of the biggest advantages of the Rapid Laser is that you can diagnose the bike without removing the fairings/bodywork, which is a real time-consuming exercise.

You can also check a bare frame in seconds.

Rapid Laser is a must-have kit for workshops, race teams, serious track day enthusiasts, used bike dealers and used spare part handlers/breakers as well.
Even suitable for individuals aiming for a perfectly aligned bike!

Check & measure

Carry out proper frame and chassis check-ups and measurements effortlessly! Recommended for professional and individual use as well!

Versatile tool

With our kit, you can carry out these tasks:
› Rear wheel alignment check
› Bent/twisted swingarm check
› Bent/twisted headstock check
› Bent/twisted fork-leg check
› Wheelbase measurement

You’re in safe hands

Built from quality materials and parts with longevity in mind. Supplied in a carry case, making storage and transportation safe and easy.

Please note, that due to its size and weight, the price includes a £14.95 shipping surcharge.