Maintenance Mate – BMW & Triumph Service Interval Reset Tool

The Maintenance Mate is compatible with a wide range of Triumph (2010 onwards, depending on model) and BMW (2015 onwards, depending on model) motorcycles, having a service interval indicator light (small wrench symbol) on the dashboard. The Maintenance Mate will reset this indicator light on the bike effortlessly anytime it’s due and it’s much quicker and more convenient to use for this task than a dedicated diagnostic tool.

Touch control

Set the next interval with the touchpads with ease! Works both with Km/h and MPH meters. The touch-sensitive area is marked with arrow signs pointing up and down on the face of the unit.

Light and small

The unit itself is hardly larger than the OEM diagnostic connector it connects to.

Built to last

– Rugged design, filled with epoxy resin. Oil and water-resistant (IP68).
– Full SMT design, encapsulated in epoxy resin
– Only inspected, high-quality components
– Each unit is extensively tested prior to shipping, and guaranteed to work
– 100% waterproof (IP68)

Cost-effective option

Save on service bills! The MM is a cost-effective option for mechanically skilled bike owners with the required parts and tools for the job. Carry out the tasks according to the service manual by yourself, and reset the service light afterwards, saving time and money.
Even dealerships can profit with the MM, as it’s faster and more convenient to reset the service light, so they can spare labour time as well.

Please use the Product Advisor below to find the correct part number for your bike then select from the drop-down box.