FI Cleaner Tool – ECU FI error codes wiper

Fast and cost-effective FI error code wiper for Euro4 emission class motorcycles – just plug it in and get the job done effortlessly!

The FI Cleaner Tool is compatible with a wide range of the current Euro 4 emission class motorcycles (2017 onwards, depending on make/model). The engine management system monitors the various sensors of the motorcycle. Whenever there’s a fault in the system, the FI light will come and stay on even if the fault condition no longer exists, e.g. a loose connector was reconnected. It takes several full running cycles and a lot of time to get the error cleared without an OBD Tool. This is when the FIC Tool comes in very handy for workshops – it saves a lot of time whenever they work on a motorcycle.

Note: The FIC Tool will not clear the FI light if the error is still active. However, it clears it in a few seconds if the problem is resolved. The FIC Tool will not clear the error history (stored errors) from the ECU so it’s still possible to troubleshoot recurring problems later.

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