Dyno mode activator for Honda DCT motorcycles

Activate dyno mode on DCT-equipped Honda motorcycles with ease. Just plug this little tool into the diagnostic connector of the bike and it activates the dyno mode in a few seconds. Faster turnaround and lower costs for workshops!

The DCT Dyno Tool is compatible with Dual Clutch Transmission Honda motorcycles. On DCT models the dyno mode must be activated prior to the dyno run, otherwise, the ECU won’t let the dyno technician go through the gears as the front wheel is stationary.

Normally a factory Honda diagnostic tool is required for the dyno mode to be activated. Being really expensive equipment, smaller workshops can’t afford it. Beyond the price factor, it is a much more time-consuming and cumbersome task working with a factory OBD tool. The DCT Tool is a low-cost solution and much quicker and easier to use too. Just connect it to the diagnostic connector and the tool will activate the dyno mode in a few seconds.

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