Brake Light pro – brake light modulator

Have you noticed how much more visible cyclists are when they have a flashing rear light?
Well, now you can have the same protection when riding your bike with the brand new Healtech Brake Light Modulator Pro!

Main features:

› 10 user-programmable brake light patterns (Fast or slow flash rates and duration adjustable, mode “1” simulates manual light flashing – can be useful if you don’t need long and rapid flashes), also has a bypass mode and a demo mode
› Touch Sensor for easy setup and maximum reliability
› One module fits all motorcycles, ATVs, cars and other vehicles (on cars, we recommend flashing the 3rd brake light only)
› Works with all types of bulbs and LED lamps (no minimum load, 120W max)
› Short circuit protection with current sensing (will not blow a fuse)
› Solid-state design, no moving parts
› Rugged construction, 100% waterproof
› Very small size (30x20x13mm)
› Quick and simple installation, connects in-line with the brake light wire, wire tap connectors included, no soldering needed, see wiring diagram above.
› 2 years warranty

Please use the Product Advisor below to find the correct part number for your bike then select from the drop-down box.