AR Assistant – Advanced rider assistant system

The AR Assistant is a complete rider-aid package including traction and wheelie control for maximizing rider safety & performance both on-road and racetrack. Compatible with a wide range of motorcycles. Supplied with bike-specific harness kits for quick and easy installation.
Compatible with a wide range of street and track/race bikes that do not have factory-equipped safety features.

The ARA is the only safety module on the market that is managed wirelessly via Android and iOS devices using a free, easy-to-use application.

Anti-Wheelie & Traction Control (AW-TC) System

Adjustable in 12 stages to match your riding style and road/track conditions. Tame even the wildest sportbikes, ensuring optimal grip and maximum acceleration on all road conditions!

Fully customisable Launch Control (LC)

No more unwanted wheelies during launches. Enjoy thrilling acceleration combined with maximum efficiency.

Pit lane limiter / Top speed limiter (PIT)

Set the desired speed limit in the app and the bike won’t exceed it when the PIT switch is activated. May be used as a top speed limiter for less-experienced riders too.

The product can be installed on any ABS-equipped bike with bike-specific harness kits. For non-ABS models, an optional non-ABS ARA kit is available for £30 with the front wheel disc and sensor. Some rare models require a rear sensor and disc kit, which costs £60.

Part number explanation:

ARA-1: The universal control module.
ARA-Kxx: Includes the model-specific wiring harness, the handlebar switch, and the status LED.
ARA-Dxx: For non-ABS models, includes the model-specific disc and the sensor with bracket.

Please use the Product Advisor below to find the correct part number for your bike then select from the drop-down box.